Regulations for the Nordic Foster Care Association, NOFCA

23rd og May 2023

Regulations for the Nordic Foster Care Association, NOFCA

§1 Nordic Foster Care Association (NOFCA) is a network between the national foster care associations and other relevant organisations, in the field of foster care in the Nordic countries. The NOFCA organisation was founded in the year 2000.

§2 Purpose/Aims

The aim of NOFCA is to improve the quality of foster care in the Nordic countries through the exchange of experience and research.

§3 Annual meeting

The annual NOFCA meeting is held once a year. The meeting can be either digital or physical.

All members of NOFCA are invited to the annual meeting. One person from each member organisation has a vote.

Agenda for the annual meetings:

  1. The meeting is declared open.
  2. Registration of member participant, and member votes
  3. Approval of the meeting notice and the agenda
  4. Review and approval of minutes from last year’s meeting
  5. New membership applications and presentations
  6. Received suggestions or other meeting matters
  7. Election of President and Secretary.
  8. Next annual meeting NOFCA – time and place.

§4 President and Secretary The function period is one year. The tasks are:

§5 Economy

All members are responsible for their own costs regarding their participation in NOFCA. Expenses concerned with any mutual project will be decided upon in the progress of planning them.

§6 Membership

Applications for membership will be reviewed and decided upon by the member organisations at the annual meeting, by a majority vote.

§7 Regulations changes and dissolution

Change of the regulations can be decided upon at the annual meeting, by a majority vote.

A decision of the dissolution of NOFCA demands at least ¾ of the votes at an annual meeting.

§8 Effective

The above regulations are effective from the annual meeting the 23rd of May at 9.00 (ISL),

11.00 (SCA), 12.00 (FIN). The meeting will be held at Teams or Zoom.

Tone Granaas,                                                           Janina Bjørni

Norwegian Foster care Association                      Save the Children Åland

President                                                                    Secretary